The Frost Science Museum

Canes going to the Museum

Mr. Lambaz
TRIP TO MIAMI: Mr Lambaz and his Pre-Architecture /Engineering students went on a trip to the Frost Science Museum.

Mr. Lambaz and his Pre-Architectural/ Pre-engineering students went on a journey to the Frost Museum in Miami on Sept. 9.

“The trip educated students and teachers on how to better understand their field of studies,” he said. “To make a building that tells a story.”

“The Frost Museum along with the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is the mecca of architectural techniques and materials,” Mr. Lambaz said. “The students had the opportunity to experience the impact of the built environment on the community and the human behavior.”

The museum can educate various types of building structures to teach the students on building perspective and the significance of the building, he also added.

“The students enjoyed the hanging gardens at PAMM museum,”  said Mr. Lambaz.

“We went off the train, to go and see the tank, with fish and sharks inside. There were descriptions of what  can the different fish and sharks can eat,” said Lens Yiva, a Freshman in the Pre-architecture academy.

“I got to touch stingrays,” he said.

“I liked traveling on the train and seeing the different types of sea creatures,” said Travonna Holt, a Freshman in the Pre-architecture academy.

The Frost museum will help the architectural students in their upcoming projects.

“You learn by walking and breathing the site. Understand what and why the project is the way it is,” Mr. Lambaz said. “By understanding the impact of what you design on human behavior and patterns of society”.