Park Clean Up

Okeeheelee Park: On 1/16/2020, The National Honors society club participated in the Okeeheelee Park clean up.

Tish Strachan, Staff Writer

On January 16th, 25 National Honor Society members  along with 3 chaperones volunteered gather together to clean up the Okeeheelee Park which occurred from 8am to 11am. The students had successful completed there task by  following the CDC guidelines which was practicing social distancing and ensuring every individual was wearing a mask. Students was also given hand sanitizers, gloves, trash bags, and water to the ones who forgot to bring the necessary essentials to the event.

While following these safety guidelines, the NHS members and chaperones were able to explore the park, while walking with their friends. There was a short break, which the students used productively by talking to one another on things they have missed after not seeing each other for so long; due to the students doing virtual school for almost a year. 

After being outside for a long period of time the students mood became somber. Gabriel Gerig, the National Honor Society President realized that his NHS members, where no longer feeling optimistic so he started to play music to lighten up the mood. Gabriel Gerig said, “I knew exactly what they needed: which was a dance tutorial.” Ms. Reyes and Ms. Elisa Espinoza began dancing and also encouraging students to join in the fun. After the President have seen that his music had bring joy to his fellow associates  he laughs and said, “not to mention some amazing dance move were being shared, making this event memorable to many.”

After the break ended, everyone continued their tasks until they made it back to where they started which was at the boat rentals. During this time, other students were helping out by taking pictures of the event and the chaperones who participated. Although the event did come to an end, it ended with one last dance with the remaining volunteers; they concluded the event by dancing to the Cha Cha Slide Dance.