Living in a dump

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Almost every country pays more attention to its healthy people than its homeless people.

There are 100 million of  people in the world who are homeless, according to

Some people end up homeless because they lose their jobs, due to mental illness, the break-up of a marriage or relationship, or addiction to gambling, drugs or alcohol.

Others are just born into poverty, or live in unhealthy areas. 

Being homeless is not easy.

We all know there are countless homeless people who dwell in the streets, in tents, shelters, the woods or public parks.

Living with little food, water, clothes or medical attention, they find a way to survive.

Sometimes they have to wait for someone to have pity for them so that they can get some food or other things that they need.

People who are homeless have to deal with a lot of different diseases, and not knowing whether they’re going to make it in life.

It’s heartbreaking to see how others treat some homeless people: ignoring them, spitting in their faces, kicking them and also stealing the money they get from begging.

In this world there are many people who have a good heart and help those in need. But too many others prefer to worry only about themselves.

“I meet a lot of good people, but for the most part people just care about themselves,” said Obediah, a homeless man, in an article titled “Homeless man’s profound speech questions the meaning of modern life,” at “You could be standing on the corner bleeding and people would just drive by you. They wouldn’t want no part of the drama.”

Some people just don’t understand how difficult it is to be homeless. Friends abandon you. You have no one to rely on.

You see many homeless talking to themselves because of lack of mental health care or because they got tired from being ignored by others.

Not only do the homeless include grown men, you will also see women and children in the street begging for food or a better life. Some stay at cheap motels because there is no shelter or because sometimes they get rejected by the homeless shelter.

Many kids are homeless because of physical, sexual and emotional abuse by parents or guardians. Some teenage girls get rejected by their parents because they got  pregnant or because of liking the same sex.

In the United States every year, as many as 20,000 kids are forced into prostitution by human trafficking networks because they are homeless. Traffickers find them as easy targets because they have no one to run to and nowhere to hide, according to

We as a nation and world community need to pay more attention, and help people in need.

Because we don’t know what the future might hold for us.