Know Your Staff: Ms. Dupuy


Nicole Hallett

COOL CHEMISTRY: Ms. Dupuy is a chemistry teacher and part of the new staff at Inlet Grove. She describes her subject “as the best thing on earth and love because that’s what I have for this wonderful subject.”

One of the new instructors added to the Inlet Grove staff this school year, Chemistry teacher Ms. Dupuy, describes her subject as “as the best thing on earth and love because that’s what I have for this wonderful subject.”

Before coming to the Grove, Dupuy went to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. From there she worked for Pfizer as an analytical scientist. She also was in the military and currently still is.

“From all of those steps now I am a teacher spreading my knowledge to my fellow students,” she said.

Dupuy said she chose to work at Inlet “because when I was younger I went to school in a similar urban area, so I can relate to a lot of students.”

She described Inlet Grove as “a large campus for the amount of students that attend.”

One thing Inlet Grove teachers are required to do is set a goal for all students and their learning. Ms. Dupuy’s goal is “to connect with students and expand their knowledge not only in chemistry but in life, because the moment they leave these doors they have to face life!

Although she said she feels like teaching comes “naturally” to her, this is Ms. Dupuy’s first year as a teacher.

What influenced her to become an educator?

“I’m here teaching not for the money or the pay but because I want to make a difference in these students’ life because as I observed the students some of them here don’t realize how important a high school diploma is and where it can take you.”