Inlet Grove News

  • Mrs. Pientka reminds seniors to not wait till the last min to finish grad requirements
  • Feb. 7: Herff Jones will be on campus. Lat time w/o price increase
  • Senior Superlative Revote in the Library during lunch
  • SAT Reading Tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday in rm 505
  • Feb. 12: Last day of the 5th quarter
  • Girls' Varsity Basketball: Home game on Jan 31 @ 6 pm against Somerset
  • Girls' Varsity Basketball: Away game on Jan 29 @ 7 pm/JV @ 5 pm against Boynton Beach
  • Girls' Varsity Basketball: Home game on Jan 28 @ 6 pm against Berean Christian

2019-2020 Staff

Brianna Luberisse


My name is Brianna but you can call me Bri or B. I am a Senior in the Journalism Academy. Aside from belching Beyonce songs, I like to help people, take pictures and travel. I am currently writing a book on a child's perspective...

Shaquire Spence

Staff Writer

Le’Anna White

Staff Writer

Hello!Β  My name is Le'Anna and I'm a Senior who attends at the Architecture/ Engineering Academy.Β  Everyone knows me by my hair and that's why one ofΒ  my nicknames is Puff.Β  During my spare time, I like to write in my journal,...

Rayanne Williams

Staff Writer

Hey, My name is Rayanne Williams and I am a sophomore in the Digital Design Program. I myself am a visual artist mainly well with traditional art. I do like photography, but I don't take pictures often. I would like to take mo...

Pierre Monville

Staff Writer

Hello I’m Pierre Monville. I am a sophomore that’s In the Digital Design career. I like to learn and try new things that will help better myself and prepare me for the challenges in the future. One of my aspirations in life...

Jordyn Albert

Staff Writer

I'm Jordan Albert aka Muigoku is my nickname, a junior of the Web Design program. I like to draw anything, play Mario Wii games, play soccer and I'm a martial artist so whenever you see me around in the halls on the campus please...

Karla Salvador

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Karla Salvador and I am a Junior in TV and Film Production academy, doing my second year in journalism. I enjoy a lot of things but my passion for writing, filming and photography describes me best. I hope to travel...

Mariel Beckford


Hi, my name is Mariel Beckford, I am a Junior in the Medical academy. I like spending time with family and friends and I also like to go shopping. Β When I graduate I plan on going to college and becoming a pediatrician. I’m...

Hannah Snow


I’m Hannah, a Senior in the Journalism Academy. I enjoy writing about the society, new fashions trends, and stereotypes on cultures and people. Being around people I love like my family and friends makes my day. I’m not exactly...

Kristha Zapata-Palacios


Hey, my name is Kristha Zapata-Palacios. I am a Senior in the Marine Technologies Academy. I play Flag Football (#6) and I’m a 2 year varsity cheerleader. I came from the original Maritime Academy that recently merged with Inlet...

Brianna Dwyer


Hello, my name is Brianna and I am Junior in the Journalism academy. Β I am Β someone who is easy to approach. I absolutely love to read. I also love to watch anything pertaining to food. I hope to be a person who is known for...

Sireayah Jones


Greetings and salutations, I’m Sireayah Jones. I am a junior at Inlet Grove, Class of 2021. I would consider myself an extreme drama queen. Which explains why I’ve been president of the Inlet Grove Drama Club for about two...

Skyy Hinson


Hello, my name is Skyy ! I am a Pre -law major here at Inlet Grove High school. I also am a cheerleader along with being an advanced journalist. I appreciate art, music, and theater. I am a huge fan of historical fiction and I...

πšƒπ™·π™΄ πš‚πšƒπš„π™³π™΄π™½πšƒ π™½π™΄πš†πš‚ πš‚π™Έπšƒπ™΄ 𝙾𝙡 π™Έπ™½π™»π™΄πšƒ π™Άπšπ™Ύπš…π™΄ π™²π™Ύπ™Όπ™Όπš„π™½π™Έπšƒπšˆ 𝙷𝙸𝙢𝙷 πš‚π™²π™·π™Ύπ™Ύπ™»