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The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

WOOD EATERS: Sherwina Cherilus, an Early Admin senior in the Medical Academy, and Elijah Goring, an Early Admin senior in the Web Design Academy, were conducting some maintenance for the garden by taking apart and throwing out termite-infested wooden planter boxes.

Photo of the Day: Sprucing up

Keren Joseph, Photo Editor
April 5, 2024
SEEK THROUGH: For the 2nd Black History Month assembly, Breyana Brown, a 12th grader, and 10th grader A’mila Burey played mother and daughter roles advocating the beauty of black skin and hair.

Photo of the Day: Beat the words

Alaja Depina, Communication Chief
March 1, 2024
STYLISH WAYS: Energetic bops contrasting with elegant blues; students, such as Rhianna Enis and Dina Medellus, demonstrating their diverse styles on the third day of Spirit Week to fit the theme jazz vs hip-hop.

Photo of the Day: Harmony and beats

Alaja Depina, Communication Chief
February 29, 2024
MELANIN HUES: Honoring the closure of Black History Month, the Multicultural Club kicks off Spirit Week with students wearing various shades of brown to demonstrate the wide-range of tones black people come in.

Photo of the Day: Diverse palette

Keren Joseph, Photo Editor
February 26, 2024
Mr. Goldstein and his second-period class were out and about taking photos to express a detailed visual story about the different shots and angles to create an Adobe Express video, composed of the shots they gathered.

Scavenger Hunt

Shataha Civil, Staff Writer
February 21, 2024
TIME IS MONEY: Chef Hall and his culinary students, such as sophomore Stephanie Leo, prepared lunches for teachers. The menu was smoked St. Louis ribs, baked macaroni, BBQ chicken wings, southern collard greens, sauteed cabbage, and Haitian Pikliz. For dessert, they served chocolate-covered strawberries with an intermezzo technique.

Photo of the Day: Southern spread

Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
February 16, 2024
BLACK EXCELLENCY: Ms. Nelson came by to drop off 3 trophies for students who won the MLK competition. Students Brianna Moneus, who won 1st place, and Sheranah Dorcent, who won 2d place, came to room 203 to retrieve their awards.

Photo of the Day 3: MLK winners

Alaja Depina, Communication Chief
February 14, 2024
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