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The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

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The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

Take a bite

Take a bite

Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
May 31, 2024
TIME IS MONEY: Chef Hall and his culinary students, such as sophomore Stephanie Leo, prepared lunches for teachers. The menu was smoked St. Louis ribs, baked macaroni, BBQ chicken wings, southern collard greens, sauteed cabbage, and Haitian Pikliz. For dessert, they served chocolate-covered strawberries with an intermezzo technique.

Photo of the Day: Southern spread

Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
February 16, 2024
PREP, SERVE, & WASH: On Thursday, Jan. 18, Katherine Griffin who is the Food & Beverage General Manager at the convention center, invited the culinary academy students to come and prepare for Mayers breakfast and the directories there.

Voice at the breakfast

Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
February 2, 2024
FOOD HOSPITALITY: Chef Hall and the culinary students prepared and catered for the Board Members on Dec. 12th from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Students served an appetizer that was wrapped sub sandwiches with potato salad on the side. Afterwards, the board Members received the entry which was baked lasagna with garlic bread and a salad. Lastly, the dessert was served. The dessert was a fruit salad inside a glass cup with a cut circled lemon cake placed on top with whipped cream and cake crumble topping. Chef Hall said it was a success.

Cooking up the meeting

Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
December 14, 2023
RED VELVET DECOR: Cake competition created by Chef Hall for the students as a way to put their skills to work.

Whisk it up

Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
December 5, 2023
DOUBLE STUFFED: The Culinary Academy made and sold fried Oreos for  students during lunch on Thursday, Nov. 2nd to fundraise money for the program.

Fried treats

Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
November 9, 2023
COOKING UP: Chef Hall and IGHS sophomore Branskey Luc performed cooking demonstrations for city residents at the Riviera Beach Urban Farms official Grand Opening on Jan. 21. This event left a lasting impression on several middle school students, who are now considering enrolling in the IGHS culinary academy in the near future. Just off Blue Heron Blvd., the Urban Farm is behind Barracuda Bay.


Zion Burney, Staff Writer
February 2, 2023
FIRE IN THE BOWL: Students in Chef Halls second period class used blowtorches to caramelize sugar on top of their creme brulees on.

Photo of the Day: Hot stuff

Elijah Goring, Staff Writer
November 30, 2022
REWARDING THE EDUCATORS: Director of Human Resources Mr. Schiller and students from The Culinary Academy  prepared shrimp and steak alfredo for teachers and to show their appreciation .I  choose to cook this meal because I wanted to make something different for the staff, said Mr. Schiller On Oct 6.

Serving up the staff

Annmessa Deroncely, Staff Writer
October 13, 2022
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