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Pharmacy works

Pharmacy works

Le'Anna White, Staff Writer
February 21, 2020
COLLOQUIUM: On Feb. 8, Inlet Grove had their 3rd annual medical symposium showcasing different medical careers .provided with food and opinions for teachers and students in the medical academy .

The (health) pros are back again

Janiyah Jackson and Le'Anna White
February 17, 2020
LET'S GO 'CANES: Terry Bradden Jr. is a Riviera Beach native and former football player and coach for Inlet Grove. Bradden made his first big break in 2007, during his junior year as a quarterback for Inlet Grove. This lead to the Hurricanes’ first post-season appearance in the program’s history. He repeated this during his senior season, attracting the attention of several Division I programs. Bradden went on to play one year at Howard University before transferring to Tuskegee University. There, he finished playing football and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Bradden also coached at Florida Atlantic University and is now the defensive quality coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, who won the Super Bowl January of 2020. He is pictured showing his support for the eighth annual medical symposium.

Believe it and you achieve it

Skyy Hinson, Editor
February 11, 2020
HANDS ON: Latex gloves were donated to the Medical Academy for activities in that are performed in their curriculum. The gloves were donated by Medgluv.  Medgluv donated them to the School District of Palm Beach County and from there was distributed to all middle and high school medical academies in the area. Enough were contributed for all science class students to benefit by participating in firsthand learning such as dissecting organisms.

Photo of the Day: G(loving) and giving

Tahalia Rennie, Features Editor
December 13, 2019
COMMUNITY ACTION EMERGENCY TEAM : Mrs. Graham's students went to the gymnasium to teach PE students on  about CPR on Nov. 20.

Touch of air

Le'Anna White, Staff Writer
December 2, 2019
EARLY PARENTING:  Medical Academy students were given an assignment to experiment on how to care for a baby in Ms. Paramore's second period class (Pre-Medical).

Test of parenthood

Janya Remy and Moise Lavertu
October 31, 2019
Put your thinking caps on

Put your thinking caps on

Nashley Pierre, Staff Writer
October 16, 2019
GETTING CADAVEROUS: Dr. Ghassemi's fourth period class reviewing the skeletal system of the body on Sept. 23

Engaging with the bones

Le'Anna White, Staff Writer
October 4, 2019
CUT UP: Dr. Ghassemi class went to the South Florida Science Museum on Sep. 27 to learn how to dissect a pig and discover the different branches of biology.

Animal surgery

Le'Anna White, Staff Writer
October 4, 2019
SAVING A PATIENT: Medical academy students joined the AMR ambulance Sep.18 on hooking the patient up to the vital signs monitor and loading the patient on and off the stretcher.

What’s kicking with EMR students

Le'Anna White, Staff Writer
September 27, 2019
,Etzar Roger, from PNC Bank visited the Medical Canes today, to help students understand finance basics, credit, and loans.

Photo of the Day: Leading the Way

Hannah Snow, Co-Editor
September 6, 2019
DOCTER LANDRON: He came back to help students with their EKG certification.

A helping hand is back

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
May 1, 2019
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