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  • BQ2 will end on Thursday 10/14.
  • Midterms will be this week Wednesday and Thursday.
  • The next football game will be 10/15 @Saint Andrews.
  • Basketball tryouts will be 10/11-10/14.
HOORAY: Today the students with at least 200 Hero Points got to receive a special incentive during lunch that was provided by the staff. Lowicha, a senior in the Medical Academy gets the fries for the COO, Mr. Sims.

Hard work pays off

Laushana Jasmin, Staff Writer
October 8, 2021
CLASS OF 2025: Need information  about graduation talk to Mr. McDermott.

Know Your Staff: Mr. McDermott

Estrella Nieves, Photo Editor
September 17, 2021
FRESHMAN: Mr. Gibbs is the new technology coordinator at Inlet Grove.

Know Your Staff: Mr. Gibbs

Terrell Jones , Staff Writer
September 3, 2021
HONORS: Look out for upcoming profiles of the winners.

Awarding Canes

Sephora Charles , Editor-in-Chief
September 2, 2021
WHOS IN CHARGE? Dr. Gira is the director of discipline at Inlet Grove.

Know Your Staff: Dr. Gira

Terrell Jones , Staff Writer
August 30, 2021
STAND-IN: Ms. Samad is a substitute teacher at Inlet.

Know Your Staff: Ms. Samad

Estrella Nieves, Photo Editor
August 27, 2021
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