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The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

12 YEARS LATER: The senior class of 2024 have reached a milestone in their life, as they reflect on all the growth, work, and achievements throughout their k-12 experience. Family, friends, and many more have gathered together to celebrate this last chapter of an era with tears of joy, and laughter.

To new beginnings

Jessica Bureau, Co-Editor
May 14, 2024
SJW: Its official SJW is here!

SJW: Who’s your staff?

Jessica Bureau, Co Editor
April 16, 2024
SJW: The preview

SJW: The preview

Alaja Depina, Communications Chief
April 15, 2024
BEYOND THE BAG: The junior LPNs were engaged in a practical session on April 5, refining their skills in the lab. Specifically, students like Acsa Adrien mastering the technique of creating precise circles tailored to the size of a patients stoma.

Pouch perfect

Kethleen Pacius, Medical Editor
April 12, 2024
CLUBS: The National Honor Society had a meeting during lunch on Mar. 6, to discuss new events and expectations to look forward to.


Jessica Bureau, Co Editor
March 8, 2024
READY TO RUN: The track team left school around 1:40 p.m. to head to their first event at John I. Leonard High School after practicing Monday - Thursday and sometimes on the weekends.

Canes first meet

Jessica Bureau, Co-editor
February 22, 2024
SEE THE VISION: The mayor of Riveria Beach, the head of the fire department, head of the police department, along with our very own, Officer Terell spoke to the Juniors and Seniors about building a new fire and police department including the building of a recreational park surrounding Inlet Grove during the assembly on Friday, February 9.

We are the future

Danica Ivey, Staff Writer
February 18, 2024
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