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REPRESENT: Coming to the end of Black History Month and the fourth day of Spirit Week, Mr. Sutton, a History teacher, shows out in his FAMU jersey for HBCU day.
Photo of the Day 2: Venomous scholars
Keren Joseph, Photo Editor
SEEK THROUGH: For the 2nd Black History Month assembly, Breyana Brown, a 12th grader, and 10th grader A’mila Burey played mother and daughter roles advocating the beauty of black skin and hair.
Photo of the Day: Beat the words
Alaja Depina, Communication Chief
STYLISH WAYS: Energetic bops contrasting with elegant blues; students, such as Rhianna Enis and Dina Medellus, demonstrating their diverse styles on the third day of Spirit Week to fit the theme jazz vs hip-hop.
Photo of the Day: Harmony and beats
Alaja Depina, Communication Chief
SPEEDY: The track team had their second meet of the year at Dwyer High School on Feb. 27.
A mile away
Shataha Civil, Staff Writer
LINE UP: People went to various tables to ask questions or to find out more information about each program.
Discussion of dyslexia
Alaja Depina, Communication Chief
Jeanie Auguste
Jeanie Auguste
Entertainment Editor
Moline Charles
Moline Charles
Photo Editor

Voice at the breakfast

Katherine Griffin offered the Culinary Academy to cook and put together breakfast for the Mayer and other directories.

Chef Hall took this opportunity with his students and said, “The trip fell in line with Florida State Industry Standards.” He continued, “It was a chance for students to receive real industry experience and to start a professional collaborative partnership with the Convention Center.”

Chef Hall and his Culinary Academy students, Stephannie Leo, a Sophomore; Jah Willis, a Senior; and Jazmyn Holmes, a freshman drove up to the Palm Beach County Convention Center from 6:00 a.m. and arrived there at 6:45 a.m.

The Mayor’s Breakfast started at 7:30 a.m. on January 18th. When they arrived at the Convention Center, they were put to work in the kitchen by Chef Nuguid and Chef Henry.

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They went in a teamwork formation where there were 5 people on the left side and 6 people on the right side. One person adds a food, pass it on to the next person and they add the next food to the dish.

The dish was scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage and if there was anyone vegetarian, there were veggie sausages also.

“I think the preparations were fun and a straight-through procedure. I didn’t feel nervous about messing up, Everyone was helping each other out.” Said Stephanie Leo.

As they prepared the plates for breakfast and when the Mayer and everyone that was attending to the breakfast arrived, they started serving at the Front of the House

Katherine Griffin asked the students to be at the Front of the House where they will be handing the plates to the servers as they came to pick up the plates.

As the breakfast was finished and everyone from the main room was leaving and taking pictures, the staff offered the Culinary students a plate of the breakfast dish and a break.

Now transitioning to the sanitation part of this field trip. The culinary students first helped throw away the waste that was left behind and organized separated the utensils and and glass plates.

Second, after the Culinary students finished, they were called back to the kitchen to now help dry and put away the plates, In the kitchen there was a built-in big fully automatic dish Washing Kitchen Appliance.

“It was tiring washing dishes, my feet hurt at that part and the water was scalding hot.” Said Jah Willis.

Stephanie continued and said, “Even though it was tiring drying and putting away hot-washed plates, Sandra who was one of the staff made it fun because of the jokes she told.”

The chef said he loved seeing his students and lab work as a rubric in a professional setting.

After they finished sanitation, the staff prepared a goodbye lunch with a big vanilla and chocolate cake for executive Chef Nuguid who was promoted to a higher position in another facility.

Before the Culinary students and Chef Hall left, Katherine Griffin pulled them aside and said that the Culinary students were outstanding and that she would love for them to come back for future events.

Now as they walked out of the convection center, Jah Willis said, “The field trip was overall a great experience.”

“I thought the Field trip was fun and I will go on another one again. Also the staff there was there for us especially Naura Haliburton who got our back during this trip. I will prepare myself though of how tiring it was too for next time though,” said Stephanie Leo.

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