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Movie Review: Inside Out 2
Movie Review: Inside Out 2
Jeanie Auguste, Entertainment Editor
CAPTURING THE TASTE: On March 28, the Culinary Academy served appetizers to guests and students with many different flavors and styles in the Media Center for the Career Showcase. They were one of the best groups representing their career,  said Keren Joseph, a junior in the Medical Academy.
It’s all about food
Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
SUNDAE FUNDAY: On Valentines Day, Feb. 14, students who have earned 500 or more HERO points can receive one ice cream during lunch from Culinary students. The topping selection included sliced bananas, whipped cream, Oreo crumbs, sprinkles, cherries, and chocolate syrup.
Scooping up the reward
Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
Take a bite
Take a bite
Amanda Alcema, Food Editor
THE CANES WERE THERE: To end the school year, the Multimedia team took a field trip to Wekiwa Springs State Park to enjoy its crystal-clear waters and long, winding nature trails after another successful year of publications.
Outdoor retreat
Jessica Bureau, Co Editor

Movie Review: Inside Out 2

courtesy of Variety

As humans, we all have different emotions and experience them in a different way. But who knew our emotions could have their own personality.

We all go through emotions whether it is from being happy about something maybe even sad.

Did you ever wonder how it will be portrayed on the screen?

Pixar animation studios for Walt Disney Pictures brought it to life in theaters with the movie named Inside Out and even kept it going with an Inside Out 2 which is out now in theaters this June 14.

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Directed and written by Pete Docter along with Ronnie del Carmen, inside out was released June 19, 2015.

It all started with the “default” emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgusts.

Taking the mind of 11 year old Riley which they team up to help her through her going through the transition of moving to a whole new city.

Struggling to adjust to the new environment, joy tried to keep everything all positive which is why we see her try to take control of everything throughout the movie and that backfires.


Sadness starts to sadden Riley’s joyful memories which makes Riley cry in class and it comes out as a sad core memory which makes Joy try to get rid of it during that joy struggles with sadness trying to stop her which disables all the personality islands.

This first movie was showing how that joy isn’t needed all the time and other emotions are deserved to portray their role.

9 years later we are introduced with the second sequel Inside Out 2 that is released in theaters this summer of 2024.

In my opinion, the way this movie came out was such a great idea because I basically grew up with Riley. As she went on to middle school she did as well and now she is going to high school.

People grew excited and filled the theaters as this movie took place.

It starts out with the 5 emotions as in the first movie, Later in the movie the emotions are hit with a puberty alert not knowing what to do joy shoots it to the back of the mind.

Headquarters are later destroyed for more space for 4 more emotions, Which are to be Anxiety (Maya Hawke), Envy (Ayo Edebiri), Embarrassment (Paul Walter Hausler), and Ennui (Adèle Exarchopoulos).

It was all a change to both emotions and riley, shortly anxiety decides to take over which makes Riley do insane things.

Close to the end Riley is then hit with Anxiety attack, anxiety is panicking inside the mind and not stopping but joy says, “Anxiety you need to let her go.” anxiety does so and Riley is calmed down.

People really got emotional with this scene along with me, because it really shows what teens go through and many people can relate.

A review from Mariah Jordan says, “Never have I EVER related to a movie more in my life. I just watched it today in theaters, and it was worth every penny spent watching it. This last year really has been anxiety-inducing for me, from tests to friends, and Inside Out 2 was so accurate with all of the emotions that can come from stressful changes in one’s life.”

This movie was phenomenal, riley ended with her on mind of emotions and they learn that is okay to feel every emotion because that’s what makes ourselves its what makes us human. I recommend this movie to a lot of people mostly teenagers because they get to see they are not alone and that its okay to feel either one of the emotions.

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Jeanie Auguste
Jeanie Auguste, Entertainment Editor
Hello, my name is Jeanie Auguste I am a junior in the Pre-Medical program. My friends would describe me as funny and energetic once I am comfortable. With my amazing creativity, I like to take in clients and do their nails in my free time. I also enjoy cooking new recipes, such as Boujee Alfredo pasta, and reading romance books or comics. I used to be in a Cheerleading and Step Team, but then I picked up journalism in 7th grade. After high school, I plan to attend college and major in Nursing.

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