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The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

Inlet Grove News

THE CANES WERE THERE: To end the school year, the Multimedia team took a field trip to Wekiwa Springs State Park to enjoy its crystal-clear waters and long, winding nature trails after another successful year of publications.

Outdoor retreat

Jessica Bureau, Co Editor
May 30, 2024
12 YEARS LATER: The senior class of 2024 have reached a milestone in their life, as they reflect on all the growth, work, and achievements throughout their k-12 experience. Family, friends, and many more have gathered together to celebrate this last chapter of an era with tears of joy, and laughter.

To new beginnings

Jessica Bureau, Co-Editor
May 14, 2024
GRADUATES: The class of 2024 went on a yearly graduation trip to Universal Studios.


Christelle Francois, Co-Editor
April 30, 2024
ENJOYING OUTDOORS: Alexander Bairaktaris, a Senior in the Medical Academy, takes time for himself sitting outside of Building 5.

Photo of the Day: Alone time

Sofia Jervis, Staff Writer
April 24, 2024
SJW: The preview

SJW: The preview

Alaja Depina, Communications Chief
April 15, 2024
BEYOND THE BAG: The junior LPNs were engaged in a practical session on April 5, refining their skills in the lab. Specifically, students like Acsa Adrien mastering the technique of creating precise circles tailored to the size of a patients stoma.

Pouch perfect

Kethleen Pacius, Medical Editor
April 12, 2024
WOOD EATERS: Sherwina Cherilus, an Early Admin senior in the Medical Academy, and Elijah Goring, an Early Admin senior in the Web Design Academy, were conducting some maintenance for the garden by taking apart and throwing out termite-infested wooden planter boxes.

Photo of the Day: Sprucing up

Keren Joseph, Photo Editor
April 5, 2024
DISCOVERING VITAL PATHS: JPN students learning new clinical skills such as IV injection and vein examination.

Through the veins of life

Kethleen Pacius, Medical Editor
March 14, 2024
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