Friday Fun Day


Courtesy of Coach Donovan

PEP RALLY PREP: To make up for the canceled Homecoming pep rally two weeks ago, a new one will be hosted this Friday, Nov. 2. Will your class be getting the spirit stick?

A “make up pep rally” will be held in the gym Friday in place of the one cancelled two weeks ago because of AC problems.

Coach Donovan is asking teachers which class they think has the most spirit, which includes wearing class colors, cheering, posters, etc.

Coach Donovan also needs volunteers to help with the games.

“As you can see the spirit stick has found its new home with me and the Freshman class and I am sure it will stay here,” said Coach Donovan in an email to the staff, “but of course we want to make sure its fair (don’t want the seniors to cry).”

“Sign me up with my seniors,” replied Ms.Cartwright, “Many will be on the college tour and at Palm Beach State for early admissions/dual enrollment (best class on campus, you know?), so a large number of them will be unable to be present during the pep rally. Nevertheless, where we lack in numbers, we make up for in pride and spirit!!”

“Got you down Cartwright!!” said Coach Donovan, “Seniors are going to need all the help they can get to beat class of #2022.”