Spring edition


Isnayana Perez

IT’S FINALLY DONE: Yorgelis Yambo, editor of the forecast magazine.

When the latest Forecast magazine was distributed on March 7, students said that “it was a good publication to the school magazine” and “shows the creativity of the Journalism students.”

“I think the magazine is very entertaining it was social and cultural into young people, but still professional”, said Alyssa Stephen a junior in pre-law. “I like the fact that I got my Forecast magazine along with my jean day money. Killed two birds with one stone.”

The Forecast magazine consist of quotes, emotional and happy stories and the latest news.

Teachers, students and staff members have already purchased their magazines. Ms Pientka assistanceΒ  principal” I love it! I think the journalism team did a great job. I love the stories and Stacey poems,”she said.

Yorgelis Yambo senior in Journalism and current editor of the Forecast magazine said “It was a really fun experience and I learned so much. I hope to teach others so they can continue to make the school magazine better every year.”

Forecast Magazines will be sold in Mr. Hanif classroom in room 203.