Out with the Old, in with the New

HARD WORK PAYS OFF: Pre-Architecture & Engineering students’ work is now displayed at the Riviera Public Library.

Mr. Lambaz the Pre Architecture & Engineering instructor has gotten his students work displayed at the Riviera Public Library in the Glass display unit. The library offers a glass case display for community members to display their hobby collection and art work for four weeks. The unit is available and ready for students’ works. Mr. Lambaz is proud of his students and encourages them to always try their best and make a difference for the good.

“A question opens the mind, A statement closes it. Always question how can I make a difference,”said Lambaz.

The school has also been commissioned by the library to redesign the “Teen Area” on the second floor. There is a Teen area rearrangement contest for this reason. Students individually or in group would submit ideas to make better use of the teen area space. The library together with the school would select the winner. Then the library is able to provide a prize to the winner.

“The Canes are being approached with so many opportunities thanks to many of the staff members forwarding my contacts and shared their thoughts,” said Lambaz.