A helping hand is back


DOCTER LANDRON: He came back to help students with their EKG certification.

Medical teacher Dr. Landron returned to Inlet grove for two periods to dedicate his time and help, to the up coming seniors with their EKG certification exam.

“I came back because I truly care about the kids education and this is also important for me and the kids.” Landron said

After working at Inlet Grove for four years as a medical teacher Dr. Landron retired to practice his doctor career.

First Dr. Landron shared his medical knowledge with the students in the lab and then led them to the media center where they were assisted by senior peer tutors who had already taken the test.

Senior medical student Fabienne Etienne said “I offered to help the students because I know what it felt like to be in their shoes. I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Chinaya Isnadin Junior in the medical program said, “I am somewhat scared, but I’m glad that Landron came back and had peer tutors help us.”