This is not a drill

“All of our students were very patient and well mannered during this long situation,” said Principal Lopez. “This is why we do drills, to ensure that students, staff and visitors are prepared in the event of a real emergency.” “WELL DONE TO ALL!” said Lopez.


Jonathan Hunter

STAY CALM: On April 30th the fire alarm went off due to a malfunction in the system during class change heading to second period.

“I never had a fire drill in the middle of class change before,” said student Michael Curry. “Reminded me of something that happened last year, it was kind of scary.”

On April 30th around 9:35 the school experienced a malfunction in our fire alarm system. Due to the malfunction the fire alarm went off, immediately students and staff proceeded with the fire drill procedures.

“It was hot outside and I knew it wasn’t a drill,” said student Maurice Law. “Usually teachers get emails before drills and it was longer than what our normal drills would be.” also saying “The teachers didn’t know what was going on either, so it was kind of weird.”

The fire department and our school resource officers were called and they determined that there was no threat to our students and staff members.  After being called the Fire Department maintenance team arrived and were able to turn off the alarm.

“Thank you for your quick response and flexibility, Go Canes!” said Principal Lopez.