Midterms is around the corner

Midterms will be held on Thursday Oct.10 to Friday Oct.11

“I feel a little nervous but not scared,” said Kiara Martinez a freshman in the Culinary academy. This will be her first time taking midterms in a high school.

“A midterm schedule is created by the administration. Teachers and administrators then set the midterms at these times,” said English teacher Ms. Kirkman.

On Oct.10, periods 1 and 3 test.

On Oct.11, periods 2 and 4 test.

1st-period exam: 9:10-11:10

3rd-period exam: 1:00-3:05

The periods will be different on October 11 but the times won’t vary from on October 10 Ms. Kirkman said.

Freshmen will be experiencing their first high school midterms. Some have mix feelings about the upcoming exams.

“I’m just waiting for it and hoping I’ll crush it at the same time,” said Cendie Cidrac a freshman in the Medical academy. “I know I’ll pass some studies.”

“They could do very well,” said Ms. Kirkman. “I have been working hard with them.”

The standard passing grade is a C, below the grade, could put you at risk of failing your class, she said.

“I’m confident that I will pass,” says Geovanny Osias, a freshman in the Medical academy.

Inlet grove is a high ranking institution in the county.

It was named one of Palm Beach County’s best and is an ‘A’ school, exams including the midterms affect that reputation.

The expectation is high, Inlet Grove students are expected to live up to their ‘A’ school standard.