Moving forward in technology

TECHNICAL TALK: Ms. Baker, Digital Design instructor, accompanied Jacob Zukas at Santaluces High School for the Schemer Cover Design Competition.

Digital Design instructor, Ms. Baker, attended the Palm Beach County Technology Conference held at Santaluces High School on Monday, Jan. 6.

The event formally known as the Mickey Schemer Cover Design Competition, is an event where, “ they have different vendors and keynote speakers from, not only Palm Beach County, but all over the state of Florida and across the country. [They] come in to educate us educators on the new technology that we can and should be implementing into classrooms,” said Ms. Baker.

Vendors from companies such as Apple and Google, showed educators different vendors for Apple and so forth.

Baker describes some of the things that she learned from the event by, “ One of the break-out sessions that was really prominent, to me, was implementing a career day for our school.”

“There was a technical college there and he was giving presentations on career days and how, yes granted we’re getting our students prepared for these jobs; However, we’re not exposing them to different markets and areas where they can potentially be hired and be working,” said Ms.Baker. “To me, getting the idea for an Inlet Grove career day, was a seed that was planted in my mind at the technology conference.”

Baker intends to use the tips and advice she learned from event in her classroom because she did, “ network with a lot of different people there.” And she, “ got contacts. And, because my class is already a technology class, I did just learn a few tips and tricks. But, the seed that was planted in my mind for the school moving forward, is to curate an IGHS career day for us.”

Awards given consisted of first and second place winners from South Tech Academy, Sajia Fuller and Dianide Zama, and third place winner was an Inlet Grove student, Jacob Zukas.

First place winner won $500, second place was awarded $250, and third was awarded $100. Also receiving a plaque and a their check. Furthermore, both schools received a one- year free Adobe Creative Cloud. This will be Inlet’s first time placing in this competition, in their attempt to do so for over 10 years.