Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

WHAT IS IT?! The teacher of the Marine Technology academy left out the motor of a boat right outside his classroom for student hurricanes to see.

Marine Technology instructor Mr. Rice, had an object outside his classroom for causing a gasoline stench in the room which was revealed as an outboard engine named the British Seagull.

“Somebody donated it to the school a few years ago,” Rice said. The engine is 40 years old shipped from Britain. The engine stores 2 and a half amount of horsepower while having its own built in gas tank. 

“That’s what we do. We work on engines in this class,” Rice said. “We rebuild engines, we do a lot of things.” 

Mr. Rice demonstrated how the engine operates and the steps needed for it to run properly. Even after 40 years, the engine still runs on the first pull. “My students do good work, huh?”