SJW Day 4: Thank you!

Scholastic Journalism Week

APPRECIATION: Special thanks to CEO/President Dr. Banks and other administrators and staff who support our student publications.

Today highlights people who’ve contributed to the publication, specifically faculty.

Mrs. Bell, Mr. Tuck, Mr. Myszkowski, Dr. Banks, and Mr. Lopez are deemed some of the most dependable and contributing, when it comes to because, β€œMs. Bell, if you go to Grovewatch has probably posted the most comments on the stories and then most encouraging to the student journalists…Mr. Lopez, Dr. Banks, [and] Mr. Myszkowski…”

β€œMr. Tuck has been just wonderful. Whenever we need something, technically, he’s here as soon as he possibly can and you know he’s busy. He keeps the projects going, the computers going of course,” said Mr. Hanif, the journalism instructor.

The faculty previously stated were asked:

What college(s) have you attended?

Bell: I attended Chestnut Hill College and it was a women’s Catholic college, which is now a co-ed college outside of Philadelphia.

Tuck: Borough of Manhattan Community College was the first college I went to when I got out of high school, which is the community college in New York City. And then later on in life I went to University of Phoenix to finish up my bachelor’s in public administration.

Myszkowski: I attended my undergraduate at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky and I did my master’s degree at FAU and also some advanced course-work at FAU.”

Lopez: I attended Oneonta state, the state university of New York [in] upstate New York. And I went to Albany state, which is in New York as well, and I got my master’s at Barry University here in Florida.

Banks: Delaware State College.

What was your major in college? Do you have a background in journalism or teaching?

Bell: I attended college as a major in English and a minor in teaching…And also, I wound up with a minor in psychology and theology…In high school, I belonged to the quill & scroll. I wrote for the school newspaper; and we used such a quality in that time.

Tuck: I’ve done adult basic education, I’ve done training for technology either for applications or hardware, how to put things together, I’ve also done marketing for my own personal company and website designs. I’ve also done community work with young people and adults.

Myszkowski: [I have a degree] in social studies. This is my background in journalism: when I first started teaching at Palm Beach Gardens High School, in my social studies classes, we did a lot of writing. And I found that the best way to get kids to show that they understood something was to write about it, then they really knew it. Some of the writing was so unique that I made the decision to publish it. I made our own magazine.

Lopez: I have a background in teaching. I started teaching in 2002. I taught for almost fifteen years. My major was Spanish literature and secondary education.

Banks: My major was marketing and distributive education and business Ed.

What is your involvement with the publication or the journalism academy?

Tuck: I do different activities around the campus that is not typical for I.T. For example, I had basketball tournaments in the gym for the last year and a little bit of this year. I’ve done the drone club in the past. It’s just little things that I do around campus that makes its way back to GroveWatch.

Myszkowski: Other than the fact that I give them lots of ideas and spend, β€œhe joked, β€œOne of the articles was Mr. Myzowski’s Economic Measurement where basically you can tell how good the economy is doing by how much money students throw on the ground. When there’s a lot of money on the ground, I pick it all up and I know the economy’s doing really well. I’ve also had the idea for the biggest student versus the tallest student (Tall vs. Big article on”

Banks: Of course I do. I taught marketing and I taught business law. I had my own magazine for about seven years. The first one was called β€˜Vison’, then we did β€˜Florida Vision’, and the last one was called β€˜Sema’.

What do you enjoy about journalism and GroveWatch?

Bell: I never miss GroveWatch because it gives me up to date about where everybody is and many times we don’t hear about student’s going out into the community or what they’re doing…I feel like our students really are ahead of the curve. They go for the news, they do research, they meet people, they try to give us both sides, and they really work hard in communicating to other people.

Tuck: I enjoy the information. There’s things that’s always happening around the campus that you may not hear about immediately and it’s nice to be able to read about it later on or find out about it on GroveWatch.

Myszkowski: I can see that when students get their ideas in a published form, either on the internet or even in writing, it has a positive impact on the school. And so, GroveWatch and the journalism program is extremely important to our success.

Lopez: I like GroveWatch and I like journalism because it’s an opportunity for students to showcase what’s going on on campus and what’s going on with the life. It’s a great way for parents and students to [be informed] on what’s going on at Inlet Grove.

Banks: They give you a breathe about what’s going on currently.