Reality vs. media

Scholastic Journalism Week

FIRST WORLD IMAGERY: Ms. Baker’s Digital Design classes created images that portray the difference between foreign countries and the U.S. Also, shedding light on things that aren’t typically shown in the media.

Poverty, starvation, corruption, education and safety are only some of the problems faced by people in third world countries. Ranging from not having any electricity to not being able to eat at night. The struggles of these countries are not highlighted in today’s media, yet they are considered entertainment. In countries like the United States, Japan and Canada, pure drinking water and three a day meal plan are some of the benefits.

Turkish photographer, UgurΒ Gallenkus’s,Β who portrays the difference between these two worlds, in one image has gained fame through his impactful photos. From wars to poverty, Ugur puts the benefits and the downfalls together to portray the world that is being ignored. Through his videos and images all over the web, Inlet Groves Digital Design Academy, facilitated by Digital Design instructor, Ms. Baker, has decided to follow in the young photographer’s mindset. Taking on the project, students have created not only third world struggles and first world advantages but also first world advantages and devastating events that also happened in first world countries. TakingΒ catastrophic events such as people jumping out of buildings from 9/11 to survive and pairing it to the enjoyment of people jumping out of airplanes to fulfill an adrenaline rush.

Creating political statements, like showing the world paying attention to the ongoing comedy special in the white house to them ignoring the protest going on in the country of Haiti. With these images the digital design students hope to grab the attention of not only the worldΒ but and other students but also the media and to raise recognition of the ongoing struggles of countries in the world today.