French pop queen rises to the top

Into the life of Aya Nakamura

Dorana Saint-Fort, staff writter

As you students and viewers my know the month of March is the special time where we get to expose our women to the world and admire their hard work.

For this month’s women’s history feature, I introduce Aya Nakamura: A French-Malian pop singer. Although she may not be well known in the U.S, she is very popular in France. The French pop artist was born May 10th, 1995 in Bamako Mali, West Africa.

Aya’s real name is Aya Coco Danioko. She and her family immigrated to France, where she was raised along with her five other siblings, with her being the oldest of the five. She studied fashion at La Courneuve, then she launched into music and developed the stage name, Aya Nakamura.

Fast-forwarding to her current career now, Aya Nakamura became popular after dropping her single hit song “Djadja” on April 6, 2018. Her single got over 700 million views on YouTubeΒ  and she was able to stay on the French top charts for two weeks. HerΒ single quickly became a summer hit in France then her song was known internationally soon after.

Aya Nakamura won the European Music Moves Talent Award where she was nominated for Song of the Year for Best Urban Album at the France Music Awards.

The French African American female pop artist, Aya has been able to move people with her music internationally. She has also been able to work with other artists like the Nigerian star Davido and Uk artist Stormzy.

Aya Nakamura’s journey to a successful career shows all her hard work and collaboration she had to do to become the great artist she is now.