Know Your Staff: Dr. Gira


Terrell Jones

WHO’S IN CHARGE? Dr. Gira is the director of discipline at Inlet Grove.

Terrell Jones , Staff Writer

Dr. Gira, former student and, going on his 4th year, now the dean at Inlet Grove. Dr. Gira went to school at Inlet 9th – 12th grade, now he works in the department of student services, “back where I started I guess,” he said.

In that department, Dr. Gira said he is responsible for the student handbook, student IDs etc. He’s also is in charge when it comes to disciplining the students. When students are sent to his office, he said he likes to “connect” with them, and when the students are in trouble, he likes to “paint the picture of what this behavior would look like in the real world.”

Helping others and “leaving a legacy” is one thing Dr. Gira is most passionate about, he said. He enjoys when he can help others and be there for them. Dr. Gira said when he “pours” into students and make them feel comfortable, is when he is “most excited” about his job.

Born and raised in West Palm Beach FL, Dr. Gira said for the most part, he had an awesome childhood. In elementary school, Dr. Gira said he had it rough. He was bullied and he did not fit in there.

In middle school, he was in an after school program, called the “Haitian Center”. Dr. Gira said the program helped him appreciate his culture, who he was and where he was from. When he went to high school, the experience was phenomenal, he said. If he was given the experience, he would do it again “in a heartbeat”.

Dr. Gira also went to college in Palm Beach County. He went to Palm Beach State for his bachelor’s degree, Palm Beach Atlantic for his master’s, and Lynn University for his doctor’s degree.

One thing that no one knows about Dr. Gira is that he also has a passion for technology. He said he grew that passion during his middle school year, in the Haitian Center after school program.

Dr. Gira wants to be remembered for his “impact”, he said, as the man who “loved helping people develop into who they want to become.”