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HONORS: Look out for upcoming profiles of the winners.

Sephora Charles , Editor-in-Chief

Coach Donovan announced to the staff in August that she and Ms. Goldstein have received approval to bring back the Teacher/Staff/Student of the Month awards.

The winners for August have been announced:

Teacher of the Month – Ms. Lorissant
Employee of the Month – Ms. Bonikowski
Female Student of the Month – NaellyΒ Jean
Male Student of the Month – Carl Thelusma
In giving the criteria for Teacher of the Month, Coach, who teaches Physical Education and is the Freshman class co-sponsor, said,Β β€œWhen nominating an outstanding teacher, choose someone who has recently done something great (over the past month or so); here are some additional things to consider:

β€œMOTIVATION – having the ability to motivate and encourage students to advance past their expectations both academically and socially.

β€œLEADERSHIP – serving as a positive role model for students in the classroom and throughout the school.

β€œDEDICATION – showing excellent attendance, punctuality and a desire to see students advance.”

Β In order for a support staff member, who isn’t a teacher, to receive an award she said they have to meet the following criteria:

β€œJob Excellence/Professionalism – Aspires to provide professionalism and a positive attitude. Is flexible, willing to accept new tasks and help in any way possible!

β€œTeamwork – Always interacts with co-workers and other departments in a respectful manner and values their contributions. Cooperate with co-workers and assist them when help is needed. Is complimentary of other departments and a job well done. Arrives on time for scheduled meetings, events or activities.

β€œDedication – Showing excellent attendance, punctuality, and a desire to see the school advance.”

Ms. Goldstein, who is an English and Reading instructor as well as the Senior class co-sponsor, said students are eligible for the awards based on their β€œgrades and the commentary provided in the nomination from the teachers/staff.”

β€œEvery month,” Coach said, β€œwe will send out an email at the end of the month which includes an anonymous Google form in which you will nominate 1 Teacher, 1 Staff Member and 1 Male/1 Female student (a total of 4 awards each month).”

She added that nominators β€œmust include detailed information as to why you are nominating them.” 

Goldstein said the winners will beΒ  given a certificate, recognized schoolwide on the bulletin board near the main office, and mentioned on

β€œWe started this because it is so important to show appreciation for the good things that our students, staff, and teachers do to make our campus what it is!” Goldstein said.

β€œOftentimes in life, we focus on the failures and shortcomings, instead of recognizing and celebrating our successes.”