Know Your Staff: Mr. McDermott


Estrella Nieves

CLASS OF 2025: Need information about graduation talk to Mr. McDermott.

Estrella Nieves, Photo Editor

Scott McDermott, known as Mr. McDermott to students, has been working at Inlet since 2008. 

Mr. McDermott is in charge of the career department. He is also working to make sure the class of 2025 graduates. These are two main jobs that he does but there are other jobs that he does. 

 He has a bachelor degree in film and new media. He went to school for multimedia. 

He had never thought that he would be working at school. He said,” no I actually fell into this course it was an accident.” 

He was hired to do a reality show called reality high. And the tv production teacher quit and I started watching the class.

“Before working at Inlet I worked at Churchill Down Which is a premier horse racing national, the most prestigious horse racing venue in the world probably.”

He said,” Something that someone doesn’t know about me is that I am a very good drummer.”

The biggest impact someone had given him was Jack Myszkowski; he was a formal principal. He is most passionate about work is seeing kids succeed and in his personal life crypto currency.   

“ What I overcame I just overcame Covid that was an adventure.” How he overcame Covid was by taking I was taking: Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, Plenty of liquids as well, he said.”

What he likes to do in his free time is to build stuff from many different things like wood, etc. And  he also likes to make race cars.

“What are my future plans oh my god I would say trying to graduate one hundred percent  of the class of 2025 and taking it one day at a time.” 

As for now Mr. McDermott he said that if he got a gotten anther job opportunity somewhere where else he wouldn’t take it because this is his home.