Know Your Staff: Mr. Gibbs


Terrell Jones

FRESHMAN: Mr. Gibbs is the new technology coordinator at Inlet Grove.

Terrell Jones , Staff Writer

New employee, Mr. Gibbs, is the system administrator who deals with the technology on campus.

Mr. Gibbs has only been working at Inlet Grove for three weeks, and he said the most fun part about his job is playing with gadgets. “You know, I don’t mind playing with gadgets, fixing stuff for the most part and making things work.” He said even though he has been here for a little time, he likes his new job.

Within the three weeks that Mr. Gibbs has been here, he managed to built bonds with the staff, teachers, and even the students, said Mr. Gibbs.

He attended Broward College, then he left. When he left college, he went off to the military for a couple of years. “I started college, went to the military, and got out and went back to college some years later.” Now, he is back in college.

Five years from now, he hopes to be on the beach relaxing, said Mr. Gibbs. “Five years from now? You know, hopefully, on the beach somewhere, walking outside, letting the wind hit my face in the cheeks.”

Down in the Broward area of Miami FL, is where Mr. Gibbs said he grew up.

Mr. Gibbs said that he is passionate about his family and assisting little kids. He is most passionate about his four little kids, two girls and two boys. “I’m very passionate about family, you know, and helping the little ones.”