Teacher of the Month: Ms. Lorissaint

August winner


Courtesy of Ms. Lorissaint

ADVISER: Becoming a victor.

Estrella Nieves, Photo Editor

Ms. Lorissaint  a math teacher has been voted as teacher of the month, of August. 

“I am honored that I was chosen because it’s not something that I was expecting but nonetheless I am happy that my colleagues thought of me,” she said.

She said that a teacher’s performance affects their students’ accomplishments.

“I believe that my students’ success is a reflection of me so I try to go above and beyond what is asked of me, ” she said.

Ms. Lorissaint said she has a structured agenda to assist her students, even when she doesn’t have to. 

 “My students know that I am available to them on Remind 7 days a week until 10 PM to guide them with their work, even on holidays; however, I don’t do it to be recognized because my students’ success is recognition enough, but if my colleagues think it should be acknowledged I don’t think I should stand in the way,” she said. 

She said this announcement had her in complete shock “No, I didn’t think I would win because I am one of those teachers who like to keep to themselves so I never thought my fellow teachers would think about the work that I am doing with my students.” 

She said her students’ triumph and her love for God is what makes her job special and keeps her going.