Know Your Staff: Ms. Hernandez


Erna Delice

NEW ADDITION: Ms. “Gege” Hernandez is the new face of the main office.

Erna Delice , Editor

Ms. Hernandez, who is now the school’s administrative assistant has been working at Inlet for two weeks now. 

Ms. Hernandez said her job as the administrative assistant is, “everything pretty much, I assist the administrators and anything that has to do with paperwork, attendance, filing,[and] calling home when you guys get referrals.” 

Her mom is Puerto Rican, she said and her dad is Dominican and Haitian and she’s also from Brooklyn and Queens, New York.

Prior to being the administrative assistant, Ms. Hernandez said, “I’ve been with the district for four years.”

Hernandez said she is currently studying psychology because she wants to help kids. 

She also has experience in the makeup industry, as well as being an entrepreneur. “I’m a makeup artist, I have my own business,” said Hernandez. “I’ve been doing makeup for ten years.”

Her favorite part about her job is, “the team, it’s like a family,” she said.

She said she is most passionate about her creativity. “I’m very artsy, so me being creative I turned that into my passion.”

Something that Ms. Hernandez said people don’t know about her is that, “I have an infectious laugh.”

A saying she said she goes by is, “be kind always.”