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Multimedia Club members covering Canesfest live. Check throughout the day for updates.
Celebratory blowout
12 YEARS LATER: The senior class of 2024 have reached a milestone in their life, as they reflect on all the growth, work, and achievements throughout their k-12 experience. Family, friends, and many more have gathered together to celebrate this last chapter of an era with tears of joy, and laughter.
To new beginnings
Jessica Bureau, Co-Editor
The uncovering
Lovely Marcelus, Photo Editor
ONE DOWN, FOUR TO GO:  Students participate in a Mental Health Week exercise hosted by Ms. Potter in Room 101 during lunch, earning one of the five Get Your Green On stamps needed to earn a raffle ticket.
Photo of the Day: Mindful Monday
Andrew Mongerard, Staff Writer
STAR OF THE NIGHT: Historian Karma McLeod (Right) honors Danjel Saint-Fleur with a Medal for graduating with his Associate of Arts (AA) degree from Palm Beach State College, at Senior Awards Night, held in the auditorium.
Photo of the Day: Awards and recognition
Jessica Bureau, Co-Editor
Lovely Marcelus
Lovely Marcelus
Photo Editor
Alaja Depina
Alaja Depina
Communication Chief
Keren Joseph
Keren Joseph
Photo Editor

Truth in action

Alaja Depina
WHAT’S NEW: Criminal Justice teacher, Riviera Beach Police Officer Walter Terrell, started his first year at the Grove.

A new Criminal Justice class is being taught in Building 6 by Officer Walter Terrell of the Riviera Beach Police Department.

Officer Terrell said he and Police Chief Michael Coleman came up with the idea to bring the program to the school, and because “I’m the man,” he became the teacher.

He has been serving with the police force for 11 years, and wanted to recruit at the school next door, Inlet Grove.

“What’s better than having an officer from your own community, patrolling the community,” he said.

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Terrell, who works part time as a teacher, said that there are challenges that come with the job.

“The biggest is changing the perception of law enforcement,” he said. “People are still scared of law enforcement and don’t trust us. You know, me breaking that barrier and breaking down the fear of us is the biggest challenge.”

The Criminal Justice class teaches students about life as an officer and the troubles police officers encounter.

“This class has prepared me for real world situations,” said Asia Johnson, a Senior in the Medical Academy. “Like when we went outside and did the red light traffic stop activity.”

“I think the new Criminal Justice program here is taking off like a rocket,” said Career Coordinator Mr. McDermott. “Students seem to be really into Officer Terrell. They seem to be very engaged and very active, a lot of physical movement in the class, which is good to see.”

“I’ll tell everybody to join this class if they could,” said Micareya Jones, a Senior in the TV Production Academy.” It’s a fun class, you can learn a lot of stuff.”

Micareya said they do different scenarios, like crime scenes, making reports, doing traffic stops, learning how to apply police tape and what situations one would need to apply police tape in.

“We play fun games on top of that to interact with each other more,” she said.

Officer Terrell said his favorite thing about teaching is interacting with the youth and changing their perspectives.

“I’ve always had an interest in being in Criminal Justice,” said Shadrack Simeon, a Senior in the Pre-Law Academy, “but I feel like Officer Terrell did have a positive effect on it and I want to do it more now.”

“He’s a good guy,” said Student Services Coordinator Mr. Baker, regarding the new teacher. “He does great things in Riviera Beach and I think it’s a good opportunity for you guys.”

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Alaja Depina
Alaja Depina, Communication Chief
What's up! My name is Alaja, but everyone calls me L├íla. I was in the Medical Academy but I switched my career to Journalism this year (11th grade). I was born in Brockton, MA, and moved to Florida without my parents at the age of 12. I am half Angolan and half Cape Verdean, I understand all versions of Portuguese due to my culture. I used to do/play soccer, track, cross country, taekwondo, jazz band, and advanced band. I was a tutor for the 21st-century program and a coach for a program called Playworks. I love food, music, theories, my two dogs, hanging out with friends, and, of course, talking! I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time, so have fun looking for me.  

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  • C

    CliveOct 23, 2023 at 10:51 pm

    Officer Terrell is a perfect example of how police officers help out the community.

  • A

    Asia JohnsonOct 23, 2023 at 1:27 pm

    I love this teacher, I love this class, I love this article. This article alone shows how beneficial bringing criminal justice into Inlet Grove has improved our knowledge of real-world situations, looking at both their pros and cons but having an amazing teacher to sugarcoat nothing, to let you know that it’s not easy but it’s doable. We see everyday situations, outside looking in and may think police officers are cruel or only think of themselves, but Officer Terrel has taught us to never judge a book by its cover and more amazing insights with things like these.
    Tiarri Fudge, The Writer, I can tell put so much thought into this topic and article. Well Written.

  • K

    Kaleb ZamoraOct 23, 2023 at 10:51 am

    I enjoyed the article! It’s incredible how you managed to keep your opinion out of the story and keep it informed. It shows how much Officer Terell cares about the students and how the students care about him as well.

  • B

    Bicycle redSep 19, 2023 at 5:00 pm

    That is totally awesome. All is asked is that you try. Keep trying to make a change. God bless young man