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  • The last day of school for 9th-11th grade is June 18th
  • Football conditioning off-season mat drills Monday-Thursday and occasionally Friday from 3:30-5:30pm.
  • Athletic programs will resume next school year 2021-2022
  • Graduation is June 17 at 8 p.m.
BOOKS MEET ART: Designs by Commercial Arts instructor Ms. Baker's students were celebrated at the Riviera Beach Library on May 7. Parents and Hurricane staff members were present to support the students, and Chef Newman's Culinary Academy students served refreshments. The Canes' artwork will be displayed on the library's second floor until June 7.

Art Exhibit

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
May 24, 2019
I'M FULL: Chef Newman took her certified culinary seniors to lunch at the Yard House on Thursday May, 2.

Senior Appreciation

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
May 6, 2019
STAY CALM: On April 30th the fire alarm went off due to a malfunction in the system during class change heading to second period.

This is not a drill

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
May 2, 2019
HELLO? It is National Telephone Day and phones have changed dramatically over the years. The new generation has grown up using wireless phones. The world has changed now that we don't have to plug it in the wall to use it. Now I have a question, how many people are you going to text or call today?

National Telephone Day

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
April 25, 2019
SO MUCH GREEN: Today is National Earth day, time to replace light bulbs, recycle, and clean up the environment. We all share this one earth so lets take some time out and figure out how we can make a difference on this globe we live on. Small things can add up to big things if we work together to keep our natural environment afloat.

Its Earth Day

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
April 22, 2019
ROAD TO SUCCESS: Mr. Lambaz' and his Pre-Architecture/Engineering students went on a trip to  the Lockheed Martin Facility on Feb. 12.

Future engineers

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
April 12, 2019
IT'S GOOD: Culinary  Canes competed in the Culinary Olympics on  March, 1. The four competitors were Dayshawnie Poe, Dakota Sands, Gabriella McDermott,  Tia Daniel, and Britney Campbell as the Manager.

Sharpen your knives

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
April 8, 2019
IT'S SIMPLE: With the remind app, remembering what you have to do can be a lot more easier.  You can find Ms.Cartwright in room 508.

Quick announcement

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
April 2, 2019
BE OUR GUEST: Chef Newman and her Culinary Academy students prepared a meal for the monthly Career Advisory Board Meeting on March 27.

Feeding the Board

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
April 1, 2019
I GOT IT: Students getting their participating points by playing the escape room.

Is this a clue?

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
March 26, 2019
BABY FEVER: Elise Lillian Fritz has been added to the Canes family.

New Cane alert

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
March 12, 2019
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