Inlet Grove News

  • National Nut Day 10/22/21
  • Homecoming tickets will be sold starting Monday. 10/25
  • National Color Day 10/22/21
  • Homecoming will be on 11/6.
  • The next football game will be 10/22 @Treasure Coast
All content by Georgette Francois and Kalayah Samuels
Welcome To Our Reading Room: Inlet Grove Community High School is going to be the first high school in Florida to open a Ben Carson Reading Room.  The reading room is sponsored by Sid, Esther Dinerstein, Gwen, and Gerry Richman. The reading room is a place for students to read varieties of books and magazines to stimulate their imaginations and to develop a life-long love for reading.


May 3, 2017
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Georgette Francois and Kalayah Samuels