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2016-2017 Staff

Liam Burke

Staff Writer

Most of my content is written in cold blood with a toothpick. Being my first year in Journalism, as a sophomore, I find interest in being interested. As well as being a musician, I am excited for what's in store for me as a...

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Dakota Sands

Food Editor

I am Dakota Sands, I am a freshman in the Culinary Academy. A few words to describe me are rabbit lover and Disney fanatic.  I have a rabbit at home and his name is – you guessed it – Disney! I have a passion for rabbits,...

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Raeanna Arroyo

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Raeanna Arroyo and I am a freshman in the Culinary Academy. My favorite colors are green and purple. In my free time I love to watch movies or listen to music. Also I love to sing and dance. I am always smiling,...

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Josh Henry

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Josh Henry, a freshman in the Web Design Academy. I enjoy hobbies such as basketball, running, football, reading and hanging with friends. I am someone who likes to help others and I am very kind. When I'm older I want to...

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Rachelle Rene

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Rachelle, a senior in the Pre-Engineering Academy. I love food and sleeping in. Some of my hobbies consist of drawing, singing and designing. I play the cymbals in the school Drumline. In the near future I hope to study...

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Aaliyah Rosado-Yates

Staff Writer

Hey there! I'm Aaliyah, a sophomore in the TV & Film Production Academy. Don't let looks fool you: I may look 12 but I am actually 14. My hobbies include dancing, web surfing, playing my keyboard and singing. If you think...

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Glendy Perez

Staff Writer

I'm Glendy, a junior in the Journalism Academy. I never thought that I would have a  big interest in Journalism, but I feel that Journalism is the right place for me. I love playing soccer -- I'm a Barcelona fan #messi#10. I'm...

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Karla Lopez

Staff Writer

My name is Karla Lopez. I'm a senior in the Medical Academy and one of the GroveWatch editors. I like bad jokes, coffee, tacos and laughing. I'm a huge Marvel fan. I'm also a Trekkie and my nights consist of reading comics,...

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Starlia Dormeus

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Starlia Dormeus. I am a freshman in the Journalism Academy. I plan on learning more about publishing and using it now and in the future. I enjoy working and making money. In my free time I like hanging out with...

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Brianna Luberisse


Hi! My name is Brianna but I like to go by Bri or B.  I am a freshman in the Journalism Academy. Aside from helping others I like to write and take pictures of cities and nature. I am currently writing a book about people's...

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Wesley Jean-Pierre

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Wesley, as in Wesley Snipes, you might think I look like him too. I am currently a senior, from the great Pre-Engineering and Pre-Architecture program. I am also a God fearing man, but aside from that my favorite...

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Yorgelis Yambo

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Yorgelis but most people call me Yambo (that's my last name). I'm a sophomore and the career path I'm in is Journalism. I really enjoy writing; ever since I was 7 I used to write stories about my personal life....

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Johnny Romero

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Johnny, a senior in the TV & Film Production Academy. I like to sleep, eat pizza and laugh with people. People say I am a gangster, but don't believe that because I don't condone gang activity. My hobbies include...

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Dillion McClain

Staff Writer

Dillion McClain, is a straight G and a Junior Journalism student in the Multimedia Academy. He is an editorial cartoonist among his other contributions to GroveWatch. He speaks English perfectly and is the best journalist in...

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