The handwriting says, Ms. Cantone will be dearly missed

SAYING GOODBYE: To a beloved teacher.

On Friday students celebrated Lindsy Cantone’s new journey and said goodbye to a teacher who cannot be replaced. Among her many contributions, Ms. Cantone, who most of us knew as Ms. Russ-Keller, taught Social Studies, IB Geography, AP Human Geography, and was the co-sponsor to both Senior Class and RHO KAPPA. Here are her farewell words to the Hurricanes:Β 

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know this is the end of my Hurricane journey. Friday will be my last day roaming the hall of Inlet Grove.

I have been given the opportunity to teach at a school closer to my new family in Virginia Beach, and I am going to run with it. I will be working as the 6th grade SS teacher at Salem Middle School. Go Sharks!

This has been my Florida family for the past 6 years and I will always cherish that. I want to thank Dr. Banks for taking a chance on me 6 years ago, and everyone else in between who has taken me in as family. You have been the only family in Florida I’ve had for 6 years.

Its time to be with my family and settle down in VA. I love you and will miss you. Thank you Kelly for taking over senior class with my bestie Ashley. Thank you Neltner for taking over RHO KAPPA. You da bomb. Take care of my Cartwright.

Love always,

Lindsy Cantone

[email protected]