Why architect?


Courtesy of cynews.com

Many of us start thinking about what career we want, and along the way we choose different paths or constantly change our minds, but really we should stick to what we love doing.

I would like to be an architect because seeing basic plans turn into the real houses is amazing, and even more amazing when you contributed. I always wanted to get involved in construction, and architecture was really meant for me.

When I was little I started constructing small things with Legos and it wasn’t so much the play part, rather it was the building process that I was more interested in. At that moment I had my mind set on doing anything in my power to achieve that goal.

Drafting class has been a good experience and it has helped me develop drawing skills I never had before. When I went to Open House at Inlet Grove I was impressed with what the Architecture program has worked on. Now I am finally part of the program. We have built spaghetti bridges, bottle cars and so much more.

What I learned is that it’s not the hands-on that matters, it’s the planning and testing that you experience that helps you develop skills useful in college.

I also learned that in order for you to achieve you must never give up, and you should always be persistent, even if it never works out the first time.

I still have a long way to go, but I’m confident that I’ll be an architect.