Senioritis, worse than the flu, seniors it’s coming to get you

SENIORITIS STRIKES AGAIN: Hitting a student to the point of breaking into dance.

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SENIORITIS STRIKES AGAIN: Hitting a student to the point of breaking into dance.

There’s a crazy sickness called “Senioritis” that hits the senior population harder than a hurricane.

The senior life is not as laid back as it’s brought out to be, and the money spent doesn’t make it any easier to get things done.

As a senior you may spend up to $1,000 on basic school necessities, and for the grand finale they call graduation.

That’s not even including if you do extra activities after school such as sports, dance, or the Drumline that plays at pep rallies and other events.

Put all the money aside, and you still have much work left to complete your high school career. Classwork, homework, tests and pop quizzes become such a bother when you have the feeling that you are finally so close to crossing the finish line.

At that moment Senioritis kicks in and you just feel sick of the high school lifestyle. But don’t let it get to you!

Teachers are here to help as much as possible, but when you are near the end of your high school life you begin not to care about who’s here to help. You just want out asap.

The main goal as a senior, however, is completion; you must completely obliterate everything thrown your way so that you can graduate.

Senioritis is the disgusting bug, the atrocious ailment that catches the average student once they are assignments away from being one step closer to success.

Sounds nasty, right? Well, it is more of a feeling than a sickness. It is like an anchor holding you back. The anchor chain gets shorter and shorter the more you hold back on assignments, or not do homework. The anchor holds you as you fight to reach the finish line of graduation.

I’m warning all seniors: Do not catch this infuriating bug called Senioritis!