The future in front of your eyes

Microsoft has announced a new and interesting product that will mix reality with holograms in your own environment.

Imagine you are using sunglasses with completely transparent lenses, and overlaid on the world in front of you is a rectangular box.

That box is your window into Microsoft’s “mixed” version of reality, meant to convey a mix of standard, augmented (putting twoΒ images into one) and virtual reality — in other words having a screen in front of you that’s not actually there.

Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s chief for Hololens, is the guy behind all the ideas that brought the product to reality.

“We’ve invented the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen.” Said Kipman

The thought of it came when he started working with the companyΒ in the Xbox field, where Kipman took the idea from the Kinect (which is a line of motion-sensing input devices produce by Microsoft for Xbox 360 to make the player the controller).

Hololens is a computer built into a headset that lets you see, hear, and interact with holograms.

Mr. Kipman wanted to mix reality 3D holographic content into our physical world and be able to interact with them.

HeΒ aired the news about his product on June 10, 2015 during a press conference in New York, and is regularly updating the software.

For more information about Hololens, clickΒ here.