Tall vs. short

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be tall? Or even short?

At 6’5,” Donnell Mangum is one of the tallest male students at Inlet Grove. 

“Every time someone meets me they are astonished at how tall I am,” said Mangum, a junior in the TV & Film Production Academy

Donnell said that he gets his height from both his mom and dad.

“My mom is 5’9″ and my father is 6’1,” said Mangum, who added that neither of his two siblings are as tall as he. “It amazes me that I am the tallest but I am the youngest child.”

When people first meet him they ask how tall he is and whether he likes being so large.

“People always come and say to me ‘Stop looking down on me’ because I am so tall,” Donnell said. “I do get asked how tall I am a lot and I like being tall but sometimes I wonder what it is like being short.”

Enter Glendy Perez, a towering 4’10” junior in the Journalism Academy.

“I like being short because it is fun, but I can never really reach anything,” said Glendy. She added that people’s first reactions usually deal with her height.

“Usually when people come up to me they always comment or react like ‘Dang you are so short’ and ‘How tall are you?’ ”

Glendy said she is unsure why she is so short given that her family is mainly composed of tall people.

“My mom and dad are tall and so are my grandparents, so I have absolutely no clue how I came to be so short.”

In addition to her tall parents, Glendy has a brother who is much taller than she is.

“My older brother is 19 and is 5’10,” she said. “I do not quite understand why I am short with a tall family.”

She said being short does have its moments.

“I love being short because people call me adorable and I am a cute size. I can’t quite reach many items and I am called ‘Shorty’ a lot,” Glendy said.

“Usually people look down on me, but I just look up at them and smile.”