SAC Report: Reaching for success

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Biology teacher Mr. Graham emphasized the need to support the Science Department during the third meeting of the School Advisory Council (SAC), Nov. 17 in the Media Center.

Students need hands-on skills to engage them in their studies, Mr. Graham said, asking that SAC help with $1,600 to purchase seven LCD microscopes.  In the future, he added, he would like to have a special refrigerator/freezer for storing biological material, and more.

“These things are more high-tech and it is important we get this for our students,” Mr. Graham said. “These will last many years and will help our students in classroom labs and help to prepare them for college.”

The SAC includes parents, administrators, community members and students who are working to implement the School Improvement Plan. The plan provides support for  students and teachers, such as Mr. Graham’s request which is under consideration.

“I would like to provide what our children here at Inlet Grove need, and things that would most benefit them in college and life,” SAC President Judith Lawrence said.

Ms. Lawrence added that one of the ways parents can help is by checking their child’s grades on Edline and making sure students are doing all assignments.

“If  your child’s teacher is not updating grades,” said Principal Mr. Myszkowski, “feel free to contact me” by calling the school at 881-4600 and asking for him.

Also attending the session were Mrs. Bell, the SAC secretary and school librarian; Ms. Reyes, teacher representative; Ms. Samad, SAC historian; Mr. Valliere, testing coordinator; Mr. Dorvill, language coordinator; Ms. Powell,  parent representative; and Ms. Mittleman, Keiser University community relations coordinator.

“Thank you all for attending this meeting,” said Ms. Lawrence, “and we appreciate all the effort you are putting toward our young students at Inlet Grove.”

The fourth SAC meeting of the school year is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 15.

During the Title I meeting that followed, Assistant Principal Mr. Lopez explained the Palm Beach School District Parent Involvement Plan. He emphasized the importance of promoting and increasing student achievement in areas such as reading and math.

“The school  has started tutoring, students are being monitored, also counselors are making home contacts so that are students are successful,” Mr. Lopez said.