Searching for authentic Mexican food: Spanish field trip to Torero

TASTY ADVENTURE: Ms. Companioni’s Spanish students were ready to put their tongues to the challenge during their ‘Authentic Mexican Cuisine’ field trip.

Thirty students from Ms. Companioni’s Spanish classes enjoyed a field trip to an authentic Mexican restaurant, Toreros in West Palm Beach, on Nov. 14.

They included Spanish-speaking students who were very excited about tasting their authentic Mexican food.

The students’ mouths watered after they ordered and saw what the waitresses were serving them.

There were different opinions on the food. Some said the food wasn’t actually authentic. Others said that either way, the food was still good.

The restaurant staff was so thankful for Ms. Companioni bringing in so many customers that they decided to serve dessert on the house.

No one had an argument there. Everyone loved the Mexican dessert. Some even wanted to order more to go. Unfortunately there was not enough time for the cooks make another plate of dessert for them.

Although most of the students left the restaurant satisfied, others complained about minor things regarding their food. Overall, the restaurant did an excellent job in cooking and serving this authentic meal.

The trip was a good experience for those who haven’t tasted Mexican food.