What’s next?

You fly past elementary school. You barely remember it.

Junior high school is a little more difficult. But that too is in the past.

Freshman, sophomore and junior years were a nightmare. Now you’re a senior who can’t wait to leave.

But then you stop and think, “What’s next?”

You were so relieved that high school was almost over, that you never stopped to think: What’s next? How am I going to live on my own? Where will I live, for that matter?

I bet you never sat and thought about how much harder college and life are compared to high school.

You never thought about the stress, frustration and confusion.

Ronelson Elcine, a senior in the Journalism Academy said that after high school, “I’m going to play college football at the University of West Florida or the University of Charleston.” He plans to get a job to help pay for his college, but even with his job and his family support he most likely will still be in debt.

Most seniors can’t wait to leave high school because they feel as if they are finished with their work.

Little do they know that it is after high school when the real work begins.

College, the military, or go to work — in the end you will realize it was better in high school.