Food, rides, fun: South Florida Fair


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A NIGHT TO REMEMBER: The South Florida Fair shines bright with their variety of food stands and exciting rides.

Cars clogged the streets near the South Florida Fair Jan. 21, causing my friends and me to delay the fun for 30 minutes.

Once I stepped into the fairgrounds, the aroma of fried foods and grilled turkey legs filled the air.

I wanted to try everything!

I decided to settle down with a funnel cake and fried Oreos. The gooey, chocolate-y center of the fried Oreo gave me a warm feeling. The taste was wonderful and left me wanting for more.

It was the same with the funnel cake, which left me overjoyed as it melted right into my mouth. The crisp dough and sticky powder left me in a sugary trance.

Besides the food, the rides were amazing.

Feeling daring, my first ride was called The Fireball. The massive 180-swing as it constantly twirls you makes you scream with excitement and of fear. After the ride, my stomach was in knots and my knees were weak … but it was so fun.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early so I couldn’t go on all the rides I wanted to. My last ride, however, was one I will never forget.

I don’t recall the name, but it consisted of constant spinning and twirling in the air, reminding of the Fireball I rode.

This ride caused my heart to drop each time we turned in a different direction, and the bubbly feeling has still yet to subside.

Overall, my experience at this year’s South Florida Fair was fun. I got to hang out with family and friends and enjoyed myself. I was able to bond more with my family.

In addition, one of my closest friends won me a huge teddy bear, so I felt extremely happy.

After the fair I felt refreshed, as I could do anything I wanted.