Memories of basketball


Anthony Bell

LADY CANES FAMILY: Reminiscing on their season are the ballers of 2016-2017: (from front left) Coach Sasha Barnard, Jessica Dominique, Janae Brewer, Jasmine Simmonds, Toni Andrews, Nehani Abreu, Coach Darrin Kelly; (2nd row): Tatyana Moise, Kathleen Morvan, Carlteria Phillips, Flolaine Francois, Yolanda Gena; (3rd row): Chanique Coleman, Jennifer Parisot, Briana Cason, Briana Bolivar.

The beginning of February marked the end of the girls’ basketball season.

Though the season is over, the memories of this year remain alive.

Knowing that I can no longer bring myself to the gym and say “This is my home” is very upsetting.

Yet I know that my team will forever be my family.

Besides winning and losing, we learned to love and trust each other.

“Thank you guys for actually being a team/sister,” said Nehani Abreu, a guard and junior in the Culinary Academy. “We’ve had our ups and downs but we got through them together.”

We learned that no matter how mad or frustrated we are, we just need to focus on the basketball.

I remember the day our Coach Kelly told us: “If you’re ever angry or upset, I’m not asking you to leave it outside. No. I am asking you to bring it to the court. Focus all that angry energy on the ball and go the hardest you’ve ever gone.”

Both Coach Kelly and Coach Bernard have taught us basketball and life skills.

“I liked the new coaches and how they believed in us,” said Jessica Dominique, our center and a junior in the LPN Program. “I also like the team as a whole.”

In my first year playing basketball at any school, I had fun and tried my best.

Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of commitment and agility.

Basketball requires that you hold your head high despite negative comments about how you play.

Basketball requires a big heart full of pride, knowing that you are a Lady Cane.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether you’re in or out.

I learned that if you’re willing to give it your all, then basketball is your sport.

“I would like to say thank you to all of you,” said Yolanda Gena, the team manager, also a junior in the LPN Program. “We had a good season.”