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THE COLLEGE LIFE: From left,: Richie St. Hillaire, Brianna Luberisse, Journalism Instructor Mr. Hanif, chaperon Mrs. Luberisse, Zakiya Smith, Terence Graham, Jatavious Robinson and Orbin Montoya.

“I just came for the pizza,” said the Hurricanes’ Zakiya Smith at the 2017 Multimedia Conference.

The workshops at the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) main campus in Davie Jan. 28 included “Tips for the Real World,” “Freelancing like a Boss,” “Open Source Opportunity: The Basics of Word Press,” “Photojournalism” and more.The sessions concluded with a professional media panel.

Inlet Grove Multimedia Academy students were among the approximately 100 high school and college students who attended.

“My favorite part of the Multimedia Conference,” said senior Terence Graham, “was the section about getting your first job, what employees want.”

During an early session, Keren Moros, assistant editor at Lifestyle Media Group, spoke about “Living the Question: Tips for the Real World.” One of the things she talked about was coping with anxiety.

Later, photo-artist David Muir, author of Pieces of Jamaica, spoke on Photojournalism.

“A handshake tells a lot about a person,” said Marcia Meskiel-Marcy during another session at the same time on “Manner, Etiquette and Other ‘Old School’ Skills.”

“Sports and Social Media: Teams, Players, and Fans” was addressed by Stephen Andon, assistant professor in the Department of Writing and Communication at Nova Southeastern University’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Guest speaker Suzanne Delawar delivered a message about “5 Tips for a Strong Start” in establishing yourself in a career. Delawar said she is 24, but only 13 when she first established her Photography and Videography business.

During the Professional Media Panel, the final session of the Multimedia Conference, multiple questions on numerous types of media topics were answered by Barb Bestini, former director of Integrated Media at and current NSU adjunct; Brandon Lopez, NBC 6 social media producer; Scott Pritchett, Redline Media Group business development manager; Sheli Muniz, NBC 6 anchor; and Delawar.

Many questions were asked, lots of advice was given, and the guest speakers provided critiques for some of the people who want to follow in their footsteps.

“Great learning experience for the kids,” said Anthony Bell, Inlet Grove Digital Design instructor. “Some things I already went over with my students and others were good for students to know in the future.”

“I really enjoyed this event,” said Orbin Montoya of the Multimedia Academy. “I have learned a lot of new things, especially to have confidence in what I’m doing. All the instructors showed me that I have to be creative and have an open mind.”

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