New president, new opinions


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President Donald Trump

Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television personality and politician who on Jan. 20, 2017 officially became the new president of the United States.

A new president means plenty of opinions, such as how Inlet Grove students feel about their new commander and chief.

“I’m fine with him being our president,” said 11th-grader Christon Knowles. “I don’t know much about politics. I was told he’s a bad man and not many people like him.”

“I personally don’t care for him,” said senior Bobby Steen. “He doesn’t promote violence, it’s his supporters that do.”

“Donald trump is ignorant,” said sophomore Joshua Valentin. “I honestly don’t know why his supporters chose him. He is a racist that only cares for himself.”

“I’m actually not surprised he won,” said junior Georgette Francois. “Anytime I opened any social media he was all over it. I didn’t want him to be my president but I can’t change what happened. It’s like social media boosted his election but I know he doesn’t respect women.”

“I love Donald Trump,” said senior Wilhemson Jean-Pierre. “He is a great person with a great demeanor and overall he’s good. He will most definitely have a second term. It’s something about him that’s great. He’s intelligent, and I love how he voices his opinion.  I don’t care about other people’s opinions towards him, he’s still going to be our president.”

“He doesn’t seem like the type of president that I’m looking for,” said sophomore Ayana Blandin. “I was told he was going to deport Mexicans back to Mexico.”

“I don’t feel too good about him being our president, he’s racist,” said junior Shaniece Green. “I feel like he downgrades women. It was like a lose-lose situation with him becoming our president.”

“He’s going to make America great again,” said junior Deisy Velasqez. “He might have said something that offended certain people but he is a businessman not a politician. I agree with his policies. When I heard about his plan on building a wall I saw where he was coming from. I felt neutral, no one influenced the way I feel towards him.”