A natural: Reyes, Teacher of the Month


Liam Burke

Ms. Reyes, April 2017 Teacher of the Month.

Since she was a child she has always loved science and math, said Ma. Lourdes Reyes.

“It was just natural for me to get a job that is either math or science related,” said Ms. Reyes, Mathematics instructor and April Teacher of the Month. “I believe that math is easier to teach, hence I chose to be a math teacher instead of a science teacher.”

Ms. Reyes said she felt “honored that I gained the nomination and approval of my fellow teachers to be the Teacher of the Month,” but added that every teacher at Inlet Grove actually deserves to be Teacher of the Month.

“The criteria for Teacher of the Month include motivation, leadership and dedication,” Ms. Reyes said. “It means that my co-teachers have seen the efforts I exerted in motivating the students, leading the students and being here all the time for them to learn.”

Ms. Reyes mentioned that MOTIVATION is having the ability to motivate and encourage students to advance past their expectations both academically and socially.

LEADERSHIP, she said, is “serving as a positive role model for students in the classroom and throughout the school.”

Ms. Reyes also mentioned that DEDICATION is showing excellent attendance, “punctuality and a desire to see students advance.”

Ms. Reyes said that she was truly honored and surprised when she was nominated and selected as teacher of the month. Many staff emails went out congratulating her for her achievement.

Some advice that Ms. Reyes said she could provide for other math teachers is to keep doing what they are doing now.

“We have one of the better math pass rates in the FSA (Florida Standards Assessments) within Palm Beach County,” Ms.  Reyes said. “We would not have achieved it without our hard-working teachers.”

She said the challenges she faces include dealing with unprepared students, uninterested students, and students who show their most challenging behaviors. “I have evolved from an idealistic teacher to a practical teacher.”

Ms. Reyes added that over the years her students taught her to have fun in class and at the same time “strive to be exact” in her explanation.

“I am only one of the many reasons why my students pass the FSA,” Ms. Reyes said, “For the most part, they are successful because of their own effort and desire to be successful.”