Turn, flick, and spin!

The Fidget Spinner has been labeled as a stress reliever, a helpful educational toy, and an outright distraction. In the midst of all this, the $500 million dollar trend is “spining the toy industry upside down,” according to Fox Business.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

The spinners are made out of plastic or metal, with a bearing in the center and several prongs that are spun around it. Users simply spin the Fidget Spinner so that the prongs rotate between their fingers.

“If you have ADHD, get one.” said David Wooten, a junior in the Medical Academy.” “It helps (for stress) because I like to tap and I get in trouble for it. (It) helps ease those tendencies.”

According to CNN, the spinners were originally meant for kids with ADHD (attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and despite their original purpose, the spinners have become a fad that’s being used for more than just a stress reliever.

According to The Guardian, Florida-based inventor Catherine Hettinger had the idea to create the spinner when she was unable to play with her daughter due to a autoimmune disorder called myasthenia gravis, that causes muscle weakness. It was a way to bond with her daughter in spite of her condition.

Due to failing to renew a patent back in 2005, Hettinger hasn’t earned a penny off of her invention, The Guardian reported.

“If it keeps a student engaged and in his seat, then it has to be good,” said Margaret Bell, media specialist. “Some kids need something to focus on while they listen.”

Others disagree that Fidget Spinners help students to remain focused, and say the risks outweigh the benefits. Now that it’s becoming a fad, the original purpose of the toy is being somewhat overshadowed.

“I hate it because the students are distracted and making it an alibi not to studysaid Ma. Lourdes Reyes, math teacher. “I wish I could confiscate those spinners when I see the students playing or spinning it.”

According to Fidget Spinner database SpinnerList, 32% of the top 200 American high schools have banned spinners from the premises, or plan to ban the toy in the foreseeable future.

Trends are trends, and just as we saw the dab, the mannequin challenge, and the water bottle flip, we’ll eventually see this one come and go.