New year, not new shoes


A few days ago, while I was walking in the hallways of my school, I heard something that stopped me in my tracks. A girl giggled loudly with her friend as they pointed towards someone who had on torn-up shoes. She spoke loudly and bellowed, “It’s only been a month of school and people are already wearing shoes from last year?”

This caught me off guard. Since when did starting a new school year meant you needed new shoes as well?

High school is not a fashion show where we express ourselves through clothing or brand-named shoes. High school is a place where students come to learn, achieve success, and open up their horizons through social interaction. Dressing nice and having cool “Jordans” does not indicate a new school year.

Everyone dresses differently and everyone has the right to express themselves the way they want to. It could be through clothes or their personality.

The willingness to learn should be the only reason why someone goes to school. Judging someone based on how they look will get you nowhere. Judging someone won’t benefit you in anyway accept filling up thoughts in your head of a stranger when they’re most likely not thinking of you.

You never know what people are going through in life. Some don’t have enough money to buy expensive shoes for a new year.

Don’t be quick to point out someone’s outfit if you don’t know what they’ve been struggling through. Stop the judgment and accept students based on their personality, not appearance.

Meeting someone based on their personality can go far as of friendship longevity. Looks don’t reveal the flaws an individual may have. Smile instead of laughing, wave instead of pointing. We shouldn’t judge and laugh at other’s shoes, we should accept others regardless.