Juniors’ experience: Bad or good?

Being a high school junior is a different experience for everyone. The question is would it be a bad thing or good thing to be a junior?

Here at Inlet Grove we are going to find out about how you feel about being a junior and why you feel that way.

Everybody knows that once you become a junior, not only do you see yourself as almost becoming an adult, but you also become excited about things that adults do, such as getting a job, getting permits and licenses, being able to be responsible for your own money, etc.

Many people see becoming a junior as getting closer to being in college and getting started on being their own person.

“I think that being junior is a good thing because I know that I got one more year to graduate,” said Diego Rubio, a junior in the Pre-Law Academy.

Others say they feel more responsible and able to do things they would prefer when they earn their own money.

Villaine Jorcilien, a junior in the Medical Academy, said, “I like being a junior because that means that I can be more independent.”

When you are a junior you think to yourself that you are going to have more weight on you than you had when you were a sophomore. Some people believe that you will have a lot of things on your hand, plus more when you become a junior.

David Toomer a junior in Pre-Architecture, said, “I hate it. Not because I don’t want to be a junior. It just means more pressure on you. More hard work and junior dues.”

Everyone has a different experience in being a junior. Many people see it as being too much pressure on you. Others see it as being more independent and responsible.

Natalie Jean Louis, a junior in the TV & Film Production Academy said that “the worst thing about being a junior is if you don’t graduate and remain being a junior”.

Besides dealing with a lot of work and junior dues the worst thing to some people is not being able to graduate and staying as a junior. Do you think being a junior means more pressure, or more responsibility?